BetaFPV 1105 Brushless Motors

BetaFPV 1105 Brushless Motors

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Powerful, fast and durable Brushless 1105 motors come in two KV options: 5000KV for 4S whoop and 6000KV for 3S whoop.

1105 Motors


  • 1105 brushless motors are customized for Beta85X.
    • 6000KV for original Beta85X(HD), support 3S power.
    • 5000KV for new Beta85X(HD), which could support 4S power. 
  • Fits with 2"-3" propellers 
  • Shaft Diameter: 1.5mm
  • Weight: about 20g (4 pcs)
1105 Motors Recommend Battery Cables
6000KV 3S 30AWG
5000KV 4S 28AWG

Note: DO NOT recommend the 6000KV 1105 motors for 4S power. If you try this combo, the motors will overheat and burn (maybe the ESC). As a result, it will cause permanently damage on the motor or ESC.


    • Propellers: EMAX Avan 2" Props / 3020 2-Blade Props / 3030 3-Blade Props
    • Frame: Beta85X frame
    • FC: F4 2S Brushless FC
    • ESC: BLHeli_32 16A


      • Height: 14mm
      • Weight: about 5.2g (1 pc)
      • Shaft: φ1.5mm
      • Motor Mount Holes: M2.0 on Dia 9.0mm
      • KV (rpm/V): 6000 / 5000
      • Plug and cables:
        • Micro JST-1.25 3-pin connector with 30AWG cables (6000KV)
        • Micro JST-1.25 3-pin connector with 28AWG cables (5000KV)



      1105 Dimensions


      • 4 * BETAFPV 1105 Brushless Motors

      1105 Motors 4 pack

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