Why 250g?

In many countries, it is now a legal requirement that all drones (including quads) weighing over 250 grams (including battery) need to be registered.

In Australia, CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) has proposed that all recreational drone flyers flying drones over 250 grams are to be accredited and drones must be registered.

Please note that rules still apply for sub 250g drones. Please see https://www.casa.gov.au/modelaircraft for more information

Are all products under 250g?

Whilst most of the products we sell are below the 250 grams threshold (battery included) there are certain combinations that will result in the total weight being above 250 grams. These combinations can include but are not limited to the use of larger capacity batteries, higher gain antennas, cameras and other recording devices, canopy and frame modifications.

We do our very best to ensure product weight in the specifications is accurate but it can vary from time to time.

I am after a product not listed, can I request other products?

Absolutely, we will gladly help you source any drone related parts from one of our many suppliers. Please send us a message about what you are looking for.

Is local pickup available?

Local pickup is available with prior arrangement.