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GEPRC Cygnet Pro 3
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translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $359.95 $299.95 On Sale Sold Out

We are pleased to introduce you to Cygnet3 Pro, It’s a mini aerial filming quadcopter, It feature racing and aerial filming. Cygnet3 Pro integrated the Runcam Split Mini 2 with a great video 1080P/60fps . For better view effect, there is no propeller shadow in the view.

The Cygnet3 Pro also can freestyle flying, GEP-GR1507 3600kv provides powerful power, combined with 3024 propeller, providing high efficiency output. F4 flight controller and 20A ESC ensure stable operation. If you want to long range, you can also choose the R9mm receiver version, and the R9mm you need to buy the Frsky R9Mlite .

Tuned by the GEPRC team at the time of delivery, you can fly with confidence.

-Brand Name: GEPRC
-Item Name: Cygnet 3 Pro
-Model: GEP-CX3 Plus

  • Wheelbase: 145mm
  • Camera protection plate: 7075 aluminum
  • Thickness of bottom plate: 3mm
  • Thickness of top plate: 3mm

-Motor: GEPRC GEP-GR1507 3600Kv
-Propeller: GEP-3042*3
-GEPRC STABLE F4 Tower (GEP-F4-BS20A-VTX58200-M) V1.4

  • Flight Controller: Betaflight F4 OMNIBUS
  • ESC: 20A BLHeli_S Dshot150/300/600
  • VTX:GEP-VTX58200 48CH Mini FPV Transmitter(OFF/25/100/200mW)

-Camera: RunCam Split Mini 2
-Receiver: Frsky XM Plus / Fsrky r9mm (ONLY BNF INCLUDE)
-Weight: 168g (without battery)
-flight weight: 270g (with 4s 850mAh)
-Flight time: 6 minutes (4S 850mAh) or 4 minutes (4S 850mAh)

You might need the following equipment to fly
-Remote control: You can choose: Frsky X9d or something like that
-Goggle: Such as FatShak V2 or something like that
-Battery: The novice recommends using the 2s 450-600mah battery. Professional flying professionals recommend 3s 450mah-850mah

1.All 3k fiber carbon plate
2.STABLE F4 20A Tower installation simple, stable output
3.Integrated Runcam Split Mini 2 1080P/60fps
4.GEPRC GEP-CX Plus frame is robust in design and stable in performance.
5.The GR1507 3600kv motor combined with the GEP-3042 propeller can achieve the best flight effect and efficiency with the 4S battery
6.Long range(R9mm receiver version)
7.Perfect combination of LED lights and TPU, the night effect is very nice
8.Tuned by the GEPRC team at the time of delivery, you can fly with confidence.

-1 x Cygent3 Pro Quadcopter

GEPRC Cygnet 3 Pro Frame kit
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translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $54.95 Sold Out



In a minimalist style, Cygnet frame design is not too abrupt. It takes straight lines and smooth ellipses as design elements to make the whole frame look neat and comfortable.The hole position is designed to install stacked mini hd video equipment.Designed for a RunCam Split Mini camera and a 20×20 stack up front, this micro frame can produce 1080p HD footage at 60 fps.The flying control mounting holes of the frame are all damped to effectively reduce the impact of motor vibration and make the picture more stable.The cabin height is 28mm and there is plenty of room for the mini size flying tower.


1.GEP-CX3 Pro Specifications:

  • Frame type: GEPRC GEP-CX3 Pro
  • Propeller: 3inch
  • Weight: 40g
  • Top plate: 3mm
  • Bottom plate: 3mm

High precision 7075 aluminum alloy


  1. Minimalist design,Delicate frame
  2. Designed for the Runcam Split Mini camera
  3. Full 3K Carbon Fiber airframe,durable in crashing
  4. Beautifully finished chamfered edge
  5. High precision 7075 aluminum alloy Camera protection
  6. Electronic installation position all shock absorption processing
  7. One piece 3D printing module for antenna and rear LED


  • 1 x 7075 Aluminum Camera Protector
  • 1 x 3mm Bottom plate
  • 2 x 3mm Top plate
  • 1 x 1mm receiver plate
  • 14 x M2*6  YFS Button Screw
  • 1 x LED bright LED tail lights
  • 1 x 35V Cap
  • 2 x Battery magic tape
  • 1 x XT30
  • 1 x 5.8g Antenna tieline
  • 2 x 4gAntenna fixed tube
  • 2 x Lipo silicone Pad
GEPRC GEP-GR1507 3600kv
translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $24.50
translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $24.50



The GEP-GR1507 will bring greater efficiency and explosive power to the 3-inch and 4-inch models. Extending the efficient cooling profile of 1507 increases the cooling performance of the motor by 20%.Using 7075 aviation aluminum material to maintain the impact resistance of the motor, N52H tile magnet, Japan NSK bearing, quality assurance.3 KV values:2800KV / 3600KV /4200KVThe GR1507 will be a new choice for the 3-inch and 4-inch models.


  • Item name: GEP-GR1507
  • KV: 3600KV
  • Configuration:12N14P
  • Stator Diamter:15mm
  • Stator Length:7mm
  • Shaft Diameter:2mm(Hollow)
  • Motor (Dimension(Dia.*Len)):Φ 6*29.1mm
  • of Cells(Lipo):2~4S
  • Internal Resistance:104mΩ
  • Max Current(180S):26.47A
  • Rotor: N52H arc magnets
  • Bearings:NSK
  • Base casing: Al 7075
  • Wire AWG: 24AWG
  • Weight(g):15.5


  1. Lightweight base design, powerful power output
  2. Beautiful appearance design, high - efficiency air - flow heat dissipation, strong structure
  3. The whole fuselage is high-precision CNC processing; the aviation aluminum alloy is 7075 aluminum materials, which is high precision and high intensity
  4. It adopts N52H magnet, which ensures the torsion, high temperature resistance and no dropping magnet
  5. The effort and thrust is the best aiming at the accelerator from 50% to 90%
  6. The fuselage is handled with precise dynamic balancing to ensure the vibration and low noise when the electrical machine operates with high speed
  7. Japanese NSK bearing ensures the smooth operation of the electrical machine
  8. Tile shape magnet and 0.15mm air cleft, the power take-off is stronger
  9. Benign design of heat radiation structure, the temperature reduces 20% compared with the electrical machine in the same type
  10. Reliable magnetic circuit optimization and maximum electric power conversion
  11. The weight is 15.8g only (not include the wire)


1 x GEPRC GEP-GR1507 3600kv Motor